Tuesday, 25 April 2017

4 Types of ORM and The Need For it to Run a Sustainable Business

ORM is an acronym used for online reputation management, which basically is maintaining a positive reputation in the digital space. After the digital revolution, the world of business shifted towards the digital space as well.

The digital space offers infinite opportunities with a barrier-less atmosphere i.e. there are no geographic or demographic barriers on the internet. The shift towards the digital side is very quick which has made even this space an extremely competitive and complicated arena.

Endless Possibilities

There are endless possibilities of reputation management which seem beneficial for the business, such as:

·         It helps the business get a digital presence
·         It helps the consumers to connect with the brand directly
·         It allows the brand to let consumers feel that their opinions matter too
·         It allows the brand to improve as per the compliments and comments
·         It helps the brand to fight competition
·         It helps the brand to build a positive brand image which will increase its credibility and then increase sales
There are many more benefits of ORM; it all depends on the business type and the strategy used.

Types of ORM

There are four major types of ORM, such as:

1.     Privacy Management
This type of ORM is used by individuals who feel that their privacy has been affected which includes research of private information about the client and then implementation of a strategy to get rid of it as soon as possible.

2.     Privacy Monitoring
It is a highly helpful service which is opted by clients who wish to get rid of all the personal information that might surface up online by keeping a track of all the information that is being shared or updated on the internet and getting rid of the ones that is not required.

3.     Reputation Monitoring
Reputation monitoring requires a 24 hour availability to check negative content about the client and get rid of every word of it to prevent the reputation of the client to get negative.

4.     Reputation Management
This type of ORM is preferred by clients who already have a bad online reputation, which ask professionals to devise a strategy to get rid of all the negative information in order to maintain a positive brand image and prevent brand degradability.


Adam Petrilli is one such expert who is considered as on online reputation management expert. He works with many big companies, devises digital strategies for them to get their online presence positive.

It is not an easy task because of the infinite pool of information that the digital space is. Every day, billions of bytes are posted online and to keep a track of something negative is like finding a needle in the world’s biggest haystack. Still, experts like Adam Petrilli earn their livelihood from these services because of their understanding of the digital atmosphere and their ability to help businesses get rid of negative information and share only positive information with their consumers to increase brand credibility and sales. It helps the business to run sustainable.

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